What is your weekly mileage?

Whether you have entered a local park run, regional 10K or have taken on the task of running the London Marathon next month, the fact is you are out there training and putting your body through its paces. Running has become an increasingly popular way to improve fitness, however the impact of your feet hitting the ground, can have an effect on your skeletal health. Keeping your bones and joints in tip-top order is a priority. We have set out below some things to consider that may enhance your performance.

Vary your running path

A quick way to wear out a part of your body is to overuse the same muscles and joints. Rotate between various routes and surfaces to reduce the chances of skeletal misalignment.

Double up on shoes

Find a favourite brand and style of shoe, buy two pairs, then switch between them so that they wear out differently.

Change the way you spend your working hours

Switch between various sitting and standing positions shifting your posture every 30 minutes. Consider adding a stability ball whilst sitting to help engage your core. The way you function in your daily life will have an impact on your running!

Prevent injury with a pre-run warmup

It is important not skip a warmup. Movements which support your spine, lubricate your joints, and wake up your hip sockets are a great start keeping in mind the benefits of lunges and circular motions. Keep stretching until after the workout.

Keep your body strong with a post-run stretch

Surprisingly stretching before your run can negatively affect your muscles. However it is crucial to stretch after running to keep injuries at bay.

Add a chiropractor to your team

Never ignore what your body is telling you. Many distance runners get caught up with how many miles they have to complete each week and ignore their joints niggling away at them. There is a reason chiropractors populate sports and Olympic teams, their services are known to reduce risk of injury, and promote a quicker recovery.
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