Did you achieve anything you hadn’t expected?

“I didn’t honestly expect much. It was my 1st ever counselling lesson and I’m in my 70’s. It was a revelation, wish I tried it years ago, given me my confidence back. I’ve got the old me back, smiley and cheerful.”

“I went into the counselling process with an open mind declaring and that I would be happy if all I got from it was the removal of flashbacks from my thoughts the reality is that I am able to cope with any negative thoughts by using the parking technique I have also regain my libido which is the icing on the cake.”

“Yes certain subjects came to light that I hadn’t thought were remotely in connection with the underlying problem.”

“Yes – Gained confidence.”

I have a lot to thank this team for. I would recommend Alison to anyone who is creaky or needs loosening up. She knows her stuff, do as she’s says and see improvements. Her colleagues are very good too. Thank you Wincanton Chiropractic.


All the staff are helpful and very considerate, Alison is wonderful and has put me ‘back together’ several times. Thankyou 5*


Have visited Alison on multiple occasions when suffering from a bad back and she has performed wonders. An exceptional service. 10/10

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The best service I have ever had from a medical professional. Alison is kind and empathetic. Went above and beyond to help me out when I was in severe pain and saw no end in sight to my situation. I can’t thank her enough, big thumbs up and highly recommend her.


What does the future hold for you?

“Positivity. Not letting things get to me, learning to deal with my thoughts and other people’s emotions as well as my own.”

” A much more positive one, I am and will be much stronger and will stand up for myself a lot more. I have learned that ‘I’ matter and need time away and ‘me’ time too!
I feel ready to meet life head on now – Like I once did.”

“A life/outlook where I am able to put myself on an equal par with those I love.”

“Looking forward to the future and feel more able to cope with any event that may accure, but would not hesitate to return to Steve for counselling!

Lovely environment would highly recommend Alison


How did you rate the counselling relationship?

“It was very professional but also very relaxed, I would drive up to the building thinking I’ve got nothing to talk about today and then seem to open up and talk non-stop.”

“Extremely compassionate and friendly whilst remaining professional, felt completely at ease which is quite hard for me.”

“Very supportive and enabled me to reflect in a challenging but empowering way.”

“I just can’t rate Steve enough! 10+++! So welcoming, warm, caring, Friendly and a fantastic listener too. I was sad to leave at the end of my sessions, but contacting him was the best thing I did, I feel that I have become my old self again, that was once lost & Steve helped me to find her.”

“Brilliant, made me comfortable and he was non-judgemental.”

Alison and the team are fantastic. Always on hand to offer advice and see you back on the road again. Couldn’t recommend these guys highly enough.

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Alison is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Sorted out my sciatica quickly and gave me advice to try and prevent it.