What to expect from your first Chiropractor visit

“The first consultation was really useful. It helped me understand what was going wrong with my body and we discussed what could be done not only to solve my immediate problem but how I could prevent it from happening again”

Alison Rigby Chiropractic treatment in Somerset and Dorset

The main aim of the first visit is to determine the cause of your pain and to provide a diagnosis.

This is established by initially interviewing you, asking questions about the pain and gaining an understanding of your general medical history. You will be asked for information about your current condition and also your medical history and overall health. Some of the questions you may be asked may not seem important but they will help your chiropractor to establish an overall picture of your health.

Secondly a very thorough examination is carried out which includes the whole of the spine and relevant joints. You will be asked to undress and wear a gown if necessary so that we can appropriately see the involved area. 

When your chiropractor has reached the diagnosis a decision is made to determine whether this condition is suitable for chiropractic treatment. If we are unable to help, or decide that some other treatment would be more beneficial for your condition, you will be referred to your GP, or another appropriate health care professional. As part of our holistic treatment approach the clinics can also offer Physiotherapy and Pilates based rehabilitation, Yoga and Massage.

​We will always tell you if we can not help you.

At Wincanton Chiropractic Clinic when a case is deemed suitable for chiropractic treatment, your chiropractor will create a personal treatment plan in consultation with you and when appropriate with your GP. Your treatment plan will include the frequency and cost of treatment along with advice such as suitable exercises, ice or heat, postural changes, working environment etc. We may offer to start your treatment immediately. 

It is vital that patients understand what is going wrong with their body and what we will do to correct it. We will also explain how you can expect their body to respond to treatment. We will involve you in your own treatment plan and usually ask you to do some simple exercises that will help your recovery.