Self Care – Lets get started

After the last 18 months self care is now more important than ever before. Taking time for yourself can be as simple as a few moments of deep breathing or a phone call with a friend, but doing these things consciously and consistently will boost both your positivity and productivity.

In this months blog we are going to talk about the ways you can encourage your happy chemicals and feel good as we head into the darker days of Autumn.

Help boost your body’s natural painkiller, endorphin through laughter and exercise. Catch up on the latest comedy box set, have dinner with a friend and plan the next meet up ahead of time.

Reward your body by releasing dopamine through completing a task and ticking it off your ‘to do’ list, eating healthy food with balanced choices and allowing yourself the occasional treat.

Dose up on the love hormone oxytocin by giving hugs, holding hands, stroking a pet and giving out compliments. Make someones day by telling them how great they are, you’ll feel the benefit of that happy glow too.

Regulate your body by encouraging the mood stabilising serotonin. Being in nature, enjoying a walk in fresh air, running, swimming and cycling are all good ways to boost serotonin as well as more gentle ways such as meditation or yoga.

Don’t forget that regular appointments with your Chiropractor will help keep your body performing at its best.