Tips for Wellbeing this Christmas

As we head into December and start embracing everything the festive season has to offer, take a moment to check in with your wellbeing and start the New Year in the right frame of mind!

  1. Christmas is all about spending time with family and friends, this year may be all the more important as so many have been unable to get-together with loved ones due to COVID. Make sure you take the time to talk without distractions from technology or endless Christmas films. Wrap up warmly for a frosty winter walk or dig out a board game and enjoy the moment.
  2. Festive events usually coincide with mulled wine, cocktails or a cheeky prosecco with your Boxing Day breakfast. Ensure you stay hydrated by drinking a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks and make sure you drink plenty of water before going to bed after the office Christmas party.
  3. Try to schedule time for yourself during the busy period. Cooking a huge Christmas lunch for a host of family and friends or frantically assembling toys on Christmas Eve could lead to a build up of stress. You won’t enjoy the celebrations if you are snapping at everyone and feeling the pressure. Pre-prepare a few dishes for the lunch and organise the presents ahead of time, allow yourself a moment or two during the day to enjoy yourself!
  4. Move your body and encourage your lymphatic system – the body’s waste removal service! Movement encourages the elimination of toxins your body is constantly processing, otherwise they may be re-absorbed into your blood stream. Short bursts of exercise are best, so put some music on and have a kitchen disco.
  5. Finally aim to give more this year, but not with gifts or money. Spending your time with those close to you or doing something for others such as volunteering will create experiences, strengthen relationships and provide a wealth of wellbeing positives that material things just can’t do.

So, if you’ve overdone it lifting the Christmas tree or slipped in the snow we are here over the festive period to give help and advice if needed.

We wish all our Wincanton Chiropractic patients a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!