New Year – Same me!

As we head into 2022 we can become inundated by the New Year tropes of diet culture, resolutions and ‘new me’ personal goals. But instead, let’s aim for a more gentle approach that won’t lead to burn out before February even begins.

Positivity and productivity go hand in hand and making small adjustments to your day can increase that feeling of well being that we all need to truly thrive.

After indulging over the festive period, instead of strict dieting, which only leads to cravings and feeling hungry. Try eating more whole and unprocessed foods. The basic rule we should try to follow is 80/20. This still means the treats are there, but they are not the main focus.

Take time for yourself, real self-care isn’t always about lighting a scented candle and having a relaxing bath. Sometimes it can take the form of having time to complete your tax return or making sure you have enough sleep.

Get some fresh air, go for a walk to up your step count, take deep breaths and enjoy the peace and quiet without being distracted by technology. Getting from 5 to 15 minutes of sunlight on our arms, hands and face a few times a week is enough to enjoy the many positive effects of Vitamin D.

Finally look after your body by regular stretching and gentle movement, your Chiropractor can recommend exercises you can do at home that will fit around your lifestyle and become part of your morning or evening routine.