Chris Giles

Chris Giles has a background and variety of professional, competitive and leisurely sport and endurance events, enabling an extensive feel and knowledge of the movements that most sports present. He has a passion for correcting movement patterns to reduce injuries, increase efficiency and longevity for the sports we love doing. His Yoga inspired work aims to help athletes increase range of motion (flexibility), torso stability (core strength) and strength. Whilst his sessions involve a subtle focus on the psychological and wellbeing benefits from mindful yoga and breathwork, the main emphasis is the physical benefits to your sporting performance and body for day to day life.
Yoga4Sport – Chris Giles (Facebook Page)

  • Chris’s sporting experience:
  • Yoga for Athletes Coach
  • Ex Professional Footballer
  • Current competing Triathlete (Sprint to Ironman)
  • Open Water Endurance Swimmer (10km)
  • Professional Sports Coach (Football, Tennis, Triathlon, Cricket)
  • Personal Trainer Strength and Fitness Coach
  • L4 Psychology in Sport

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