Travelling again – how to deal with back pain when you are on the move

The last few years have put pay to many of our travel plans but some of us are starting to look forward to planning holidays again. Here are some travel tips to ease those aches and pains we may get when driving or sitting for long distances.

Use the 30 minute rule. If you are sitting or standing for 30 minutes, try to change position. Even if it is only a small change it can help prevent back pain developing over time.

Back and neck pain from driving is very common so try to schedule stops every hour or so and get out for a walk. If you are travelling on a bus, train or plane, make use of the central aisle when it is safe to do so. 

If you are going to sleep in a car or plane use a neck pillow specifically designed to support your spine. The stress that results from resting in an upright position can cause pressure on your neck resulting in pain. If you do not have a neck pillow, then a rolled up towel or sweatshirt will do just as well.

When queueing try to keep your weight equal between both feet standing shoulder width apart. Lifting your luggage by bending your knees and putting your weight into your heels as you lift.

Stress can also contribute to the intensity of back pain, make sure you accept help when it is offered and try to minimise possible stressful situations by planning ahead. Let the flight attendants help with lifting your bags. Make a list of the travel plans to give yourself a chance to adjust if something unexpectedly comes up a the last minute. Travel plans are often interrupted by bad weather, traffic problems or queues. Let yourself have the flexibility to move with the changes and accept that things do not always go smoothly.

Book an appointment with your chiropractor for when you return from holiday, they will help you deal with any discomfort you have from your time away. 


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