How to get ‘back’ into gardening!

As the season changes and we look forward to Spring we are all looking to tidy up our gardens. But we must be mindful of our backs when digging, lifting and carrying.

All too often in our clinic we see many strains and injuries from overdoing it when gardening. Here are some tips to get you started safely.

Try a gentle warm up before you undertake any tasks. Begin by taking a walk before stretching your neck and lower back. Yoga position child’s pose and cat/camel are good places to start.

Split up the jobs on your list and keep changing the tasks every 30 minutes or so. Use a kneeler to do your weeding, then after the time is up make sure you change to do something while standing instead.

Take breaks and continue stretching during these if you start to feel uncomfortable.

Changing to planting in raised beds or pots instead of the ground can help if you suffer with chronic back pain but still want to enjoy the benefits of gardening.

When you have finished, take another gentle walk and take time to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

Don’t forget to book an appointment with your chiropractor, regular appointments will help you stay well and greatly reduce the likelihood of compromising your back when engaging in exercise.