Carry on Camping

With the Summer holidays now under way, some of us are getting our tents, sleeping bags and camping stoves ready to sleep under the stars or dance the night away at a festival.

Here are some tips to help you when pitching and camping to avoid any unwelcome injuries.

If taking a backpack and hiking don’t overfill the bag by putting too much inside. Even if it has support padding and straps, too much weight can cause pressure on your spine and become painful. Try to distribute the weight evenly and wear good quality walking boots with supportive socks.

Although sleeping on the ground seems like a fun idea, it is worth investing in a proper sleeping mattress that will give you full body support when sleeping, making sure your neck is supported and your spine is aligned correctly.

Take a comfortable camping chair that you can relax in without having pain. Test it out beforehand to make sure.

Go for a short walk in the morning and evening followed by some stretches to help relieve any pain in your neck and back. Begin by doing chin-to-chest to relieve tension in the upper neck and back, then stretch your fingertips down to your toes – go slowly and take your time to come back up again.

Don’t forget to book an appointment with your Chiropractor, regular appointments will help you stay well and greatly reduce the likelihood of compromising your back when engaging in exercise. Happy camping everyone!