Back to School – Choosing a Backpack

After the long, hot summer it’s time to label those uniforms, pack the lunch boxes and get measured for new shoes as schools get set to return. Here are some tips to help your child or teen cope with the strain of wearing a backpack full of books and sports kit.

Firstly when choosing a backpack, look for design features that hep reduce the chance of back pain:

  • Canvas material is lighter as opposed to a heavier fabric such as leather.
  • Two padded adjustable straps should be worn snugly on the shoulders, not too tight or too loose.
  • Look for a padded back for extra support
    Compartments inside the backpack for arranging different items so they don’t all gather in one area.
  • When packing the items in your chosen backpack, begin by putting the heaviest items at the bottom so they are carried lower and closest to the body.
  • Try to fill the individual compartments so that the load is evenly distributed, placing any sharp or bulky objects away from the back.
  • Make sure your child can carry the backpack, if they are leaning forward when walking this means there is too much weight and you will need to remove items into another bag. This may be especially important with heavy electrical items such as laptops.

Don’t forget you can book your child an appointment with your Chiropractor, regular appointments will help them stay well and greatly reduce the likelihood of compromising their back.

Good luck to all starting new schools this term!