Improve your Posture

Since the pandemic many of us now work flexibly or at home. How you sit, especially for long periods of time can impact your health and wellbeing. How we sit and stand has a bigger impact on our health than we may realise. Here are our top tips to improve your posture when working at a desk for a healthier 2023.

  • Sit with your shoulders back and not leaning forward.
  • Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, with your elbows by your side and your forearms parallel.
  • Make sure the top of your computer screen is at eye level, you shouldn’t need to move your head up or down to see it.
  • Your knees should be level with your hips.
  • Take regular breaks every 15 minutes to stretch and move a little. Try to make sure you take these opportunities to give your eyes a break from the screen and drink water regularly to keep up your hydration levels.

In the clinic we see many patients who sit at a desk for a living and suffer with neck pain, headaches and lower-back pain – all of which can be caused by slouching when you sit. Other issues that can arise from sitting with bad posture are tendonitis, tennis elbow and upper limb pain. These issues can be helped by sitting in the correct position, going for regular walks and taking part in stretching exercises such as yoga or pilates.

Importantly, don’t suffer if you are feeling pain. We are here to help and give advice for combating bad posture to enable you to enjoy life and be more productive.