Do Men or Women Suffer More Back Pain?

As part of International Men’s Health Week (10th – 16th June 2024), we are asking the question – do men suffer with more back pain than women?

Both men and women find that lower back pain is common. There is a theory that women are more likely to seek treatment for back pain and discomfort than men are. Therefore, an accurate figure of the number of men suffering from back pain may not be present. When men do report their back pain, it is often associated with a work/ sports related injury whereas women are more likely to report pain of an unknown cause.

We are encouraging men to come forward and seek help for any physical pain. Don’t suffer in silence.

Overall, however, lower back pain is more commonly reported in both sexes than pain in the middle or upper regions of the spine.

Muscle strain in the lower back is a major cause of lower back pain for both men and women. Structures that have previously been injured are often prone to re-injury if the patient does not take appropriate risk-reducing precautions. Proper lifting techniques when handling heavy items and properly warming up and cooling down before and after a workout can help to prevent new or reoccurring injuries. Bending the spine can also put excess strain on the spinal column and risk damage to muscles and ligaments; so regular stretching can be effective in making the lower back muscles more flexible and less prone to injuries.

Another common form of lower back pain in both men and women is Nerve Compression. When a spinal nerve is compressed, symptoms such as muscle weakness, numbness and tingling may be present along with pain. This type of nerve compression may be due to a variety of conditions and symptoms usually only present in parts of the body that the compressed nerve supplies.

Other far less common conditions that can present with low back pain in both sexes include fractures of vertebrae due to advanced osteoporosis, bone infections, arthritis, spinal tumours and certain spinal deformities. (Even though men can suffer from osteoporosis, it is most commonly diagnosed in postmenopausal women). Some other medical conditions may also mimic lower back pain such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, gall bladder stones and inflammation of the prostate gland.

Whether you are male or female, if you experience severe or persistent back pain, it is important that you seek medical advice. In most cases, an effective treatment plan can be put into place.

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